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Wildflower Seed

Knee High Mix Wildflower Seed
Knee High Mix

Composed of both annuals and perennials with a wide range of colors. This mix is less than 24 inches high and provides a neater appearance than taller mixes. Good for residential or commercial landscaping where height is a factor.

4 oz. Packages
covers approx. 800 sq. ft.
Knee High Variety Mix Composition:
9.63% Candytuft
9.63% Chinese Forget-Me-Not
7.22% Lance-Leaved Coreopsis
7.20% Blue Flax
7.22% Scarlet Flax
7.22% Annual Baby's Breath
7.22% Rocket Larkspur
7.22% California Poppy
7.22% Siberian Wallflower
4.81% Cornflower 'Polka Dot'
4.81% Corn Poppy
4.81% Dwarf Red Coneflower
3.61% Dwarf Godetia
1.20% Catchfly
2.41% Sweet William Pinks
1.81% African Stick Daisy
1.20% African Daisy
1.20% Moss Verbena
1.20% Dwarf Plains Coreopsis
0.80% Sweet Alyssum
0.80% Black Eyed Susan 
Low Growing Mix Wildflower Seed
Low Growing Mix

Composed of both annuals & perennials that are less than 16 inches high this mix provides a manicured appearance which is ideal for residential or commercial landscaping where height is a factor.
4 oz. Packages
covers approx. 1,000 sq. ft.
Low Growing Variety Mix Composition:
12.86% Candytuft
12.86% Dwarf Cornflower
12.88% California Poppy
17.15% Siberian Wallflower

8.57% Dwarf Lance-Leaved Coreopsis
6.43% African Stick Daisy
4.29% Spurred Snapdragon
4.29% California Bluebell
2.14% Dwarf Evening Primrose
2.14% Dwarf Godetia

2.14% Cottage Pinks
2.14% African Daisy
2.14% Catchfly
2.14% Moss Verbena
2.14% Sweet Alyssum
1.41% Dwarf Plains Coreopsis
1.07% Iceland Poppy

1.07% Johnny Jump-Up
1.07% Forget-Me-Not
1.07% Tussock Bellflower 
Shade Mix Wildflower Seed
Shade Tolerant Mix

Composed of both annuals & perennials that can tolerate shade. This mix is best fit for areas that receive strong, filtered sunlight or 1-4 hours of direct sunlight per day. This mix is not suitable for strongly shaded areas.

4 oz. Packages
covers approx. 800 sq. ft.
Shade Tolerant Mix Composition:
17.52% Chinese Forget-Me-Not
11.67% Annual Candytuft
11.67% Baby Blue-Eyes
8.75% Lance Leaved Coreopsis
8.75% Purple Coneflower
8.75% Annual Baby's Breath
5.84% Rocket Larkspur
5.84% Corn Poppy
4.38% Chinese Houses
4.38% 'Alaska' Shasta Daisy
4.38% Sweet William Pinks
2.92% 'Northern Lights' Snap Dragon
1.46% Johnny Jump-Up 'Helen Mount'
0.96% Clarkia
0.73% Giant 'McKana Giants Mix'
0.73% Dwarf Columbine
0.73% Forget-Me-Not
0.36% Tussock Bellflower
0.18% Monkeyflower
Fragrant Mix Wildflower Seed
Fragrant Mix
This annual and perennial mixture is a blend of colorful flowers that provide lovely fragrances all season long.  Included in this mix are flowers with sweet floral, carnation, citrus, lavender, lemon and tangy pungent scents.
4 oz. Packages
Cover approx. 800 Square foot
Fragrant Mix variety components:
11.12% Calendula
2.78% Cottage Pinks
1.39% Dahlberg Daisy
4.17% Dianthus "Rainbow Loveliness"
27.80% Four O’Clocks
5.56% French Marigold
1.39% Fringed Pinks
1.39% Iceland Poppy
2.78% Johnny Jump-Up
0.70% Lavender Hyssop
1.84% Lemon Mint
16.69% Siberian Wallflower
0.83% Stock, "Evening Scented"
0.70% Sweet Alyssum, "Tall White"
0.70% Sweet Alyssum, "Dwarf Pink"
0.70% Sweet Alyssum, "Royal Carpet"
8.34% Sweet Mignonette
5.56% Sweet William Pinks
5.56% Virginia Stock



Deer Resistant Mix Wildflower Seed

Deer Resistant Mix

This annual and Perennial mixture is  a blend of  Garden and Wild flowers that are known to be resistant ot deer browsing.

Keep in mind that if food supplies are low or local populations of deer are dense, even these plants may be browsed by deer. 

4 oz. Packages

Covers Approx. 1000 Square Foot


Deer Resistant Mix components:

20.33% Four-O' Clock, Formula Mix

20.31% Larkspur, Rocket

15.25% Lupine, Perennial

10.17% Sweet Williams, Pinks

10.17% Poppy, California, Orange

10.17% Poppy, Corn

5.08% Lavender, True

2.54% Mint, Lemon

1.27% Sweet Alyssum, Tall White

1.27% Sage, Blue

1.27% Marigold, French "Sparky Mix"

0.64% Hyssop Lavender

0.64% Foxglove

0.64% Bergamot

0.25% Yarrow, Gold

Bee Feed Mix Wildflower Seed

Bee Feed Mix

This mix is a blend of annual and perennial flowers that provide nectar and pollen to wild bees, honey bees and other pollinators. It is well suited for maintained landscapes such as garden beds, borders and managed meadows.  It contains early, mid- and late blooming flowers, in order to provide bee forage all season long. Flowers are suitable for short tongued and long tongued bees, and come in a wide range of colors for an attractive display.

4.oz Packages

Covers Approx. 800 Square Feet


Bee Feed Mix Variety Components:

17.04% Forget- Me- Not, Chinese

12.79% Wall Flower, Siberian

12.79% Poppy, California, Orange

12.79% Coneflower, Purple

8.53% Aster, China, Single Mix

8.53% Poppy, Corn

6.40% Coreopsis, Lance Leaved

6.40% Flax, Blue

4.26% Baby Blue-Eyes

2.13% Gilia, Globe

2.13% Indian Blanket

2.13% Tidy Tips

1.07% Coreopsis, Plains

1.07% Sweet Alyssum, Tall White

0.55% Hyssop, Lavender

0.53% Daisy, Fleabane

0.43% Aster, New England

0.43% Bergamot

Northwest Mix Wildflower Seed

Northwest Mixture

A mixture  annual and perennial flowers for ornamental landscaping in the northwestern U.S. and extreme western Canada. Use it for elevations below 7,000 feet in northern CA, western OR, western WA, and coastal British Columbia.

4 oz. Packages

Covers Approx. 1000 Square Feet


Dry Mix variety components

12.69 Five-Spot

10.14 Wallflower, Siberian

10.14 Flax, Scarlet

7.60 Coreopsis, Lance Leaved

7.60 Poppy, California, Orange

7.60 Lupine, Yellow

7.60 Flax, Blue

7.60 Lupine, Bigleaf

5.07 Chinese Houses

5.07 Baby Blue-Eyes

5.07 Poppy, Corn, Shirley Single Mix

2.53 Daisy, Shasta, 'Alaska'

2.53 Bird's Eyes

2.03 Tidy-Tips

1.27 Godetia, Dwarf

1.27 Clarkia

1.27 Gilia, Globe

1.27 Phlox, Mountain

1.27 Sweet Alyssum, Tall White

0.38 Black-Eyed Susan


California Poppy Wildflower Seed

California Poppy ‘Orange’

Typically considered a hardy annual, this state flower of California is also a short-lived perennial in zones 8-10. Grow 12-18 inches tall with blue-green, finely divided leaves, and typically bloom in 55 days from seeding. 


4 oz Packages

Covers approximately 1000 square feet.


Eschscholzia californica



TYPE: Tender Perennial

SUN: Full Sun

MOISTURE: Dry, Moderate

12-18 inches

BLOOM PERIOD: Spring, Summer

Dry Site Mix Wildflower Seed

Dry Site Mixture

A Mixture of Annuals and Perennials suitable for residential and commercial landscaping. It was formulated for areas that receive 10-30" of precipitation annually, or for sites with very well draining soil.

4 oz. Packages

Covers Approx. 1000 Square Feet


Dry Mix variety components

12.27% Poppy, California, Orange

12.27% Blanketflower

8.18% Cosmos, Sulphur "Bright Lights"

8.18% Baby's Breath, Annual

8.18% Indian Blanket

8.18% Flax, Blue

8.18% Bluebell, California

8.18% Poppy, Corn

6.13% Penstemon, Rocky Mountain

4.09% Cornflower, Dwarf Blue

4.09% Snapdragon, "Fairy Bouquet"

3.07% Daisy, African

3.07% Tidy-Tips

3.07% Coneflower, Prairie

1.02% Daisy, African Stick

1.02% Sweet Alyssum, Tall White

0.82% Coreopsis, Plains


Wildflowers seed planting and maintenance instructions.
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