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All hardscape is done to order!

Check out Mutual Materials Website for more detailed information.

Once you have a general idea of you project,
give us a call so that we can work you up a quote.


Holland pavers offer the traditional appeal of a simple brick shape with a beautiful, durable surface. Holland pavers come in three sizes, giving you the ability to mix shapes, patterns and colors for a dramatic effect.

Single: 3 -15/16" x  7- 3/8" x  2- 3/8"

Double: 7- 7/8" x  7 -7/8" x  2 -3/8"

Triple: 7 -7/8" x  11-13/16" x  2- 3/8"

Holland Pavers


Designed to resemble cobblestones from days gone by, Roman Cobblestone pavers are tumbled to give your project a timeless, classic look. Immensely popular, Roman Cobblestone pavers can be used for numerous residential, municipal, and commercial projects.

Small: 3" x 7-1/8" x 2-3/8"

Medium: 5-7/8" x 7-1/8" x 2-3/8"

Large: 7-1/16"x  8-7/8" x 2-3/8"

Roman Cobblestone Pavers


Coupled with their dimpled and rounded edges, and three workable sizes, Roman Dominion™ pavers are easy-to-install, and allow you the flexibility to create straight or winding paths and borders in varying patterns. Roman Dominion is a great addition to our full-line of paver products.

Square: 5  1/2"x 5  1/2" x  2  3/8"

Rectangle: 5  1/2" x 8  1/4" x  2  3/8"

Large Rectangle: 8  1/4"x  11" x  2  3/8"

Roman Dominion Pavers

Dominion Slate

Get the look of stone with the consistency and affordability of concrete pavers. Our Dominion Slate paver has a slate texture. The slight rippling provides a surface of soft ridges.

Square: 5 -1/2" x 5- 1/2" x 2- 3/8"

Rectangle: 8 -3/16" x 5 -1/2"  x 2- 3/8"

Large Rectangle: 11"  X 8- 3/16"  x 2- 3/8"

Dominion Slate Pavers

Old Dominion

With embossed edges and natural colors, Old Dominion pavers reproduce the essence of ancient Rome.

Old Dominion is available in two styles allowing for multiple pattern possibilities.

Old Dominion Pavers

Old Dominion Circle 

Height: 2 -3/8"

Diameter: 7' approx.

Diameter: 10' approx.

Circumference: 22' approx.

Circumference: 31' approx.

Larger diameter/ Circumference Circles can be achieved by adding squares & Rectangles to outside diameter.

Old Dominion Circle Kit must be purchased in full pallet increments.

Old Dominion Squares and Rectangles

Small Rectangle: 5 -1/2" x 2 -3/4" x 2 -3/8"

Rectangle: 5 -1/2" x 4 -1/8" x 2 -3/8"

Square: 5 -1/2" x 5- 1/2" x 2- 3/8"


All Squares & Rectangles must be purchased be the full layer or full pallet.

Turf Stone

Turf Stone provides an alternative solution to the problem of permanently destroying green space when building parking areas or fire or emergency roads.

The design, with 40% open area, allows ground cover to grow while providing the necessary structural strength for most traffic. Turf Stone offers excellent erosion control & soil stabilization to slopes, embankments, low flow channels and dikes, or ponds and reservoirs where there is no extreme wave action.

Turf stone is only available in natural grey.


Unit size: 23- 5/8" x 15-3/4" x 3- 1/2"

Turf Stone

Tuscan Stone

Warm and inviting, the rustic Tuscan Stone is perfect for any outdoor living area. With a classic hand-chiseled appearance, Tuscan Stone has the look of being aged in the sun for hundreds of years. Tuscan Stone comes in three sizes giving you the ultimate versatility in creating walls or paver projects. Tuscan Stone is a unique stone that is ideal for many outdoor projects. Its classic hand chiseled appearance has the look of being aged in the sun for hundreds of years. Tuscan Stone is very versatile and can be used for a variety of projects including low garden walls, planters, columns, lamp posts, and stair treads. Tuscan Stone can be used for vertical retaining walls, (no setback), and walls up to 2' high. With a thickness of 4", Tuscan Stone can be a great option for vehicular traffic as well as a pedestrian surface.

4" x 8" x 12"

4" x 8" x 8"

4" x 4" x 8"

Tuscan Stone Wall
Tuscan Stone BBQ
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