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Stepping Stones

All hardscape is done to order!

Check out Mutual Materials Website for more detailed information.

Once you have a general idea of you project,
give us a call so that we can work you up a quote.

Exposed Aggregate Stepping Stones

Exposed Aggregate Step Stones

All Exposed Aggregate stepping stones are naturally colored (not dyed)

We stock the following Exposed Aggregate stepping stones.



Square Stepping Stones

24" x 24"

16" x 16"

12" x 12"

Round Stepping Stones

16" Diameter

12" Diameter

Smooth Stepping Stones

All stepping stones in this catagory feature a relatively smooth stepping surface. Unlike exposed Aggregate steppingstones, smooth top stones can be colored and stamped with patterns. 

Square Stepping Stones

16" x 16" Grey

12" x 12" Red

12" x 12" Grey

Round Stepping Stones

16" Diameter - Red

16" Diameter - Grey

Smooth Step Stones

Columbia Patio 

Columbia slate is a unique new product line.

With the attactive design of a slab, it can be used and installed as pavers and slabs would be. However it does not boast the same durability. It is not suitable for any vehicular traffic. Columbia Slate is also widely used as stepping stones, hence it's presents in this section.

8" x 16"

16" x 16"

16" x 24"

Columbia Slate Step Stones
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