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AERATE--Poke holes and water more off color spots

Aerate your lawn every spring and fall.

Aeration enables water and nutrients to get to the roots. Anytime of year aeration is  super effective and you do not need to rent a machine. Try a heavy spading fork, a rock bar or even a piece of rebar. Machine or by hand more holes the better!I

NEVER Use a Weed and Feed Product

Weed and Feed Fertilizer and herbacide combinations have been  widely  problematic in many Central Oregon lawns. Repeated applications have been the culprit in the damage we have witnessed. 

Avoid using weed and feed fertilizers.

Don't Worry About Weeds and Seeding Yet

Spot Treating is fine with SpeedZone or Trimec, read the label and follow directions.

Spot treat weeds with a selective broadleaf herbicide that is safe for lawn, a good example would be Trimec.

Apply YELLOW Label McPheeters Brand Fertilizer

Huge following for this fertilizer, blended and formulated by Butch McPheeters. If you want to simply do one application this is the best!

Use Mcpheeters Yellow Label Fertilizer, formulated by local turf farmer for local soils.

Use common Milorganite

Dried microbes from MMSD wastewater treatment process. Widely used organic fertilizer that in our opinion is not the best choice for an all in one fertilizer, but does great things when used in combonation with the Mcpheeters Yellow Label. Milorganite extends the effectiveness of Yellow Label and takes some of the dips in color out of the summer /fall growing season.

Alternate between applications of commercial fertilizer with a mild organic fertilizer like Milorganite.

 Top Dressing

Top dress over struggling area and seed patch areas with a compost that has a good amount of organic nitrogen.

Top dressing for small lawn areas, Harvest Supreme is the finest bagged soil amendment available in Central Oregon. Outstanding NPK nutrients, dark earth color for improved lawn appearance. Great water gauge for just the right moisture level to repair your lawn. The organic matter holds moisture well but the exposed surface shows more water needed. INGREDIENTS: Recycled Forest Products, Composted Chicken Manure, Bark Fines, Rice Hulls, Oyster Shell, Lime, Worm Castings, Bat Guano, and Kelp Meal.

For medium sized lawns a thin layer of Garden Mix Compost works well.

For large areas we suggest a thin layer of Coastal Garden Soil.

Prioritize Problem  Areas

If possible treat bad spots first and fertilize remainder of the lawn in a few days or a week later. Usually if ugly dying areas have some green showing you can bring that area back. Gain some success and experience on the problem  areas and then fertilize the whole lawn. The objective is too get the lawn growing faster. All these fertilizers are hard to burn your lawn with, if you need help with application tips call us, 541-389-9663

Prioritize your problem areas.

"Water Like A Farmer"

Water like a farmer, more, longer, deeper, eventually decreasing your frequency.

Instant Landscaping Company uses this as general guidance to attempt to 

communicate when you water heavy and then skip days and often multiple days to encourage your roots to dive down. Consider converting all your sprinkler heads to  those producing large water droplets. Our Gilmour fixed hose sprinklers for stress areas work because they produce huge water particles that pound into the ground.

Every Other Evening Use a Simple Fixed Hose Sprinkler


Early morning or evenings are the best time to water. Evenings are best  if you are around.  15-20 minutes is usually sufficient if you  repeat for one week, or until substantial growth comes in.

Spot treat problem areas with a good quality circle spot sprinkler.

When Overseeding use Blend Seed mixed with more Ryegrass

Early In the heat of summer the Ryegrass should start germination in 5 days

Can't Wait? Use Green Lawnger!

Green Lawnger Lawn Paint

If you have an important function coming up....

consider using "Green Lawnger" lawn paint. 

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