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The pictures seen on this page are meant only to provide a general idea of  product consistancy.
Please come into our office to view samples of the materials before purchasing. 
Raised Bed Soil is a must for raised beds and container gardens.
Soil Rich Topsoil

We make this dark rich topsoil for the most discriminating gardener.  We buy the best native soil and blend in humus, mint, old sawdust, compost and manure.  This is the most complete and biologically active topsoil blended locally in Central Oregon.  It has a 6% peat moss content.


Soil Rich Topsoil is used in landscape projects that are ground level and uncontained.  Soil rich is used under new sod installations, new flower beds or garden areas, in holes for new shrubs or trees or in creating burms.  It is not recommended for container gardening (such as pots or raised beds).  Our Raised Bed Soil is better suited for that purpose.

SoilRich Topsoil is a great in ground garden soil.
Raised Bed Soil

Similar ingredients as Soil Rich Topsoil, with 20% peat moss.  This soil is designed to drain well and provide the first month of nitrogen.  Before planting, we encourage gardeners to side dress their garden with a nitrogen rich fertilizer at a rate appropriate for their vegetable's needs.  Watering well and regularly, as well as developing a regular fertilizing schedule is an absolute must for any gardener expecting a considerable harvest from their raised bed.  3/14/14  pH measured 6.4


Raised Bed Soil is used in raised beds, typically at a depth of no more than 18 inches.  (Read more about successful RB gardening)

Coastal Garden Soil is another good in ground planting soil.

Coastal Garden Soil

Blend of SW Washington topsoil, chicken manure, and aged forest Fines.

Our Coastal Garden Soil is a heavy bodied veggie soil with a low ph of 5.3.

Lawn Prep Soil is the perfect blend for installing grass.
Lawn Prep

75 % Central Oregon Soil

25% BioFine compost

Small amout of organic fertilizer

Central Oregon Topsoil screen down to one quarter inch.

Central Oregon Soil is used in landscape projects that require some back filling and leveling.

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