Delivering Material  Monday - Saturday

All Delivery Prices Listed On This Page Are General Estimates

Actual Delivery Price Will Be Quoted By Our Dispatcher.


If you require less than the minimum material for delivery,

you can visit us with a truck or trailer and we will load it here for free. 


If you do not have a truck or trailer,  read about our hopper, here.


Sod Delivery

We have three different local sod delivery zones for Central Oregon.

Please call (541) 389-9663 or complete a delivery request form with your square footage and we will quote your total cost.


Other Materials

Boulder, Paver,  Retaining Wall, and Flagstone deliveries vary.

2 yards              $120
3-4 yards         $95
5-9 yards         $70
10-20 yards     $45

Rock, Soil & Compost
2  yards             $120
3-4 yards         $100
5-9 yards         $80
10 yards           $65
Redmond (City Limits)
3-4 yards         $ 100
5-9 yards         $ 75
10-20 yards    $ 50

Rock, Soil & Compost
3-4 yards         $ 105
5-10 yards       $ 85
Madras (City Limits)
6-9 yards          $ 110
10-20 yards      $ 90
Rock, Soil & Compost
6-9 yards          $ 130
10 yards            $ 110
La Pine, Fall River,
Black Butte, Camp Sherman
6-20 yards        $ 120

Rock, Soil & Compost
6-10 yards          $ 140
6-9 yards          $ 90
10-20 yards     $ 75

Rock, Soil & Compost
6-10 yards       $ 115
10 yards            $ 95
Warm Springs, Gilchrist, Chemult, Kahneeta,
Outside Prineville
10-20 yards      $ 180

Rock, Soil & Compost
10 yards             $ 200
Sisters, Tollgate, Sunriver (Proper),
Tetherow, Outside Redmond,
Crooked River Ranch, Powell Butte, Alfalfa,  Prineville (City Limits) 
6-9 yards           $ 100
10-20 yards       $ 80

Rock, Soil & Composts
6-9  yards        $ 120
10+ yards          $ 100
Tree Delivery

$160 per hour in Bend & Redmond,

(Call for other areas)

Delivery requires using large diesel trucks and forklift.


Minimum  2 week notice on all tree deliveries.

We do not do tree deliveries on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

Tree Deliveries are scheduled for the afternoon.


Our basic service is to transport and unload the trees at your site.

Using our fork lift, we can place trees at specific locations,

if you and our operator determine that it can be done safely.


Delivery charges begin when our truck arrives at McPheeters Farm.


Prior to delivery please provide us with a list of tree species,

quantities and sizes specific to your order.


Email Us At:


All trees with root balls require, in addition to our driver, two able bodied workers

at the delivery site to assist with unloading and/or placing the trees.


We can supply extra labor support at $65 per man hour,

which includes transporting persons from Bend to job site and back.


Most of our tree delivery customers provide the labor to save costs.

You and your provided labor persons will be required to sign a liability release form.


Although we make a concerted effort handling your trees carefully,

minor damage can occur.


Please inspect each tree, we are happy to return any tree you are not satisfied with,

so long as you communicate any return request prior to our truck leaving your site.