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Architectural Slabs

All hardscape is done to order!

Check out Mutual Materials Website for more detailed information.

Once you have a general idea of you project,
give us a call so that we can work you up a quote.


Vancouver Bay

Architectural Slabs

Vancouver Bay slabs have a light shot blast finnish for soothing colors and an elegant appearance. Outdoor living spaces, pathways and roof decks are ideal settings for Architectural Slabs.

Use Vancouver Bay slabs anywhere an elegant, yet understated, pedestrian pavement is desired.

Vancouver Bay is available is 3 sizes and several colors:

**Vancouver Bay series is not suitable for vehicular traffic.


12" x 24"

23  7/8" x 11  15/16" x 1  3/4"

18" x 18"

17  7/8" x 17  7/8" x 1  3/4"

24" x 24"

23  7/8" x 23  7/8" x 1  3/4"

Vancouver Bay - Architectural Slabs

Use the slide show above to view color samples for Vancouver Bay Architectural Slabs.

Click the picture to see a larger images.

Glacier Slate

Add the "ahhh" factor to anay of your outdoor living spaces. With its slate texture finnish, these slabs give your project a more nature look. Combined with any of our other slabs, Glacier Slate helps expand the versatility of your design.


24" x 24"

23  15/16" x 23  15/16" x 1  3/4"

Glacier Slate - Architectural Slab
Columbia Slate

Columbia Slate

Columbia Slate is a unique new product line.

With the attractive design of a Slab, it can be used and installed as pavers and slabs would be. However, it does not boast the same durability. It is not suitable for any vehicular traffic. Columbia Slate is also widley used as a stepping stone. 

8" x 16"

16" x 16"

16" x 24"

Columbia Slate
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