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Hardscape Accessories

We offer a great line of Pavers, Retaining Wall blocks, Natural Stone, Architectural Slabs, Edging Stones & Stepping Stones.

 Below is a small selection of hardscape accessories & base materials we carry.


In addition to the products featured below, we also have access to a variety of Polymeric sands and other paver accessories.

Snap Edge 8'

Paver Snap Edge 8'

Snap Edge is used to retain paving stones along the perimeter of paver patios, walk ways and driveway. Snap Edge is made of durable-composite plastic, has interlocking ends and pre-formed holes for the installation of anchoring spikes. Snap Edge comes in straight, 8' sections, it can be cut on the thin edge to allow it to match the curvature of any area. 

Edging Spikes

Used to secure the perimeter edging for paver patios, walkways, and driveways. These "spikes" or "nails" as they are sometimes referred to as, are 10" in length and are made of galvanized steel.

Edging Spikes

Joint Sand

Paver Jointing Sand is a  fine textured sand used to fill the small gaps left between pavers. 80 pounds per bag, 1 bag typically covers about 100 square feet when used with standard 2 3/8" thick pavers.

This product is natural sand, not a polymeric sand.

Paver Joint Sand

Masonary Adhesive

SRW Adhesive is the strongest adhesive of its kind. Professionals depend on it for its superior strength and time-tested performance. It is formulated for retaining walls, pavers, block, masonary, concrete, aluminum, steel and most common landscape materials.


  • Works on wet and frozen materials

  • Provides a strong, durable bond

  • Exceeds the requirements of the APA AFG-01, ASTM D3498 and ASTM C557

  • Interior/ Exterior applications

  • Will not freeze

  • Extrudes well in cold temperature


10 Fl. OZ. Tube

Masonry Adhesive
Masonry Adhesive

Efflo Off Hardscape & Concrete Cleaner

Efflo Off is a buffered, concentrated, non-acid, organic salts technologically advanced cleaner designed for the removal of efflorescence, mineral salt deposits from virtually any type of hardscape surface with minimal or no brushing.

Efflo Off is mild but may be corrosive to certain woods, metals, and plants. Covering may be required. Efflo Off's unique Clean Rinse technology lifting power allows residue to be quickly and easily rinsed away with a high or low pressure washer.

Efflo Off's biodegradable and environmentally friendly formula replaces several types of harsh acid cleaners. Phosphate free.

1 Gallon Bottles

Efflo Off - Removes white haze from hardscape products.

3/4 Minus Gravel

Sometimes called Base Rock or State Spec, this product is essential when building a road, pathway, hardscape patio, or retaining  wall.

3/4 minus is crushed from 3/4" size down including the fines, or binder material, which helps it to compact. 

Most Hardscape bases require  at least 4" of compacted 3/4 minus for pedestrian traffic,

6-8" of compacted 3/4 minus for vehicular traffic.

(3/4 minus is available in less than yard quantities)

3/4" Minus Base Rock
Base Sand

Base Sand

Base sand, sometimes called concrete sand, is used to level or "bed" paving stones in paver patios, walkways and driveways.

When used for Hardscape base applications, Base sand is typically

used at a  1 to 1  1/2" thickness on top of 3/4 minus. 

(base sand is available in less than full yard quantities)

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