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Bagged Soil

Below is a list of our prepackaged, ready to go soil products.


Please visit our bagged soil amendments page.


Pricing and availability is subject to change.

Feel free to call to double check pricing and availability prior to your visit.(541) 389-9663

Gardner & Bloome

Raised Bed & Potting Mix

G&B ORGANICS RAISED BED & POTTING MIX comes ready-to-use in a 3 cubic foot project-size bale perfect for your raised bed projects. The slightly woody texture adds the ideal combination of porosity and moisture retention to the soil. Additional coir and peat moss ingredients offer increased moisture-holding capacity, making G&B ORGANICS RAISED BED & POTTING MIX great for container gardens too. Added organic fertilizers like composted chicken manure, kelp meal and bat guano ensure both an immediate and extended release of nutrients to keep the soil healthy. OMRI Listed.

3.0 Cubic Foot

INGREDIENTS: Recycled forest products, coir, perlite, dehydrated chicken manure, composted chicken manure, hydrolyzed feather meal, peat moss, kelp meal, worm castings, bat guano

Gardner & Bloome Blue Ribbon Blend Potting Soil

This premium indoor and outdoor potting mix is ready-to-use, with no mixing required.

An excellent potting mix, G&B ORGANICS BLUE RIBBON BLEND features superior water-retaining ingredients like peat moss, coir, and beneficial mycorrhizae reducing the amount of watering needed and to build strong roots for your plants. OMRI Listed.

1.5 Cubic Foot per bag

INGREDIENTS: Peat moss, recycled forest products, coir, pumice, rice hulls, composted chicken manure, bark fines, hydrolyzed feather meal, dried poultry manure, bat guano, kelp meal, worm castings, alfalfa meal, dolomite & oyster shell limes


G&B Premium Topsoil

Mix G&B ORGANICS PREMIUM TOPSOIL with your native soil for a great multi-purpose garden soil or as a stand-alone seed cover. Ideal for filling in and leveling uneven areas in your garden and lawn. G&B ORGANICS PREMIUM is a blend of sandy loam with the right amount of long lasting organic material to create the perfect soil mixture. With no harmful synthetic chemicals, G&B ORGANICS PREMIUM TOPSOIL is safe to use for a variety of different projects around the garden.

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