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Bagged Amendments

Below is a list of our bagged amendments.


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by Therm-O-Rock

Perlite is used in potting soil mixes because it modifies the structure of soil and improves aeration by keeping it loose and preventing compaction. 

This lightweight Perlite provides superb aeration and moisture retention when mixed in with other soil materials. Perlite supports root growth and retains moisture, air, and nutrients.

Perlite is also an excellent rooting medium for cuttings. Roots formed in perlite are much stronger than those formed in water because perlite allows oxygen to reach the roots as they develop, enabling the roots to adapt more readily to a soil environment.

2 Cubic Foot bags


Vermiculite It is very lightweight and mixes easily with other mediums. When added to potting mixes it increases water and nutrient retention and aerates the soil, resulting in healthier, more robust plants. Perlite may also be found in potting soils, but vermiculite is far superior for water retention. Vermiculite, although less aerating than perlite, is the amendment of choice for water-loving plants.

2 Cubic Foot bags


by Therm-O-Rock


Worm Gro

by Gardner & Bloome

 Worm castings, also known as vermicompost or vermicastings, are created when organic matter passes through the digestive system of earthworms. The earthworm’s special digestive process transforms organic material into a fantastic soil supplement that plants simply love. Combine G&B ORGANICS WORM-GRO with your native soil or use it as an effective “worm tea” to fertilize a variety of plants, flowers, vegetables and even lawns. By mixing WORM-GO into your soil at the drip line, you’ll be helping your plants resist disease and pests while increasing beneficial microbe activity that creates a great soil environment in-ground or in-containers.

20 Quart bags

Gardner & Bloome Organics Worm-Gro Earthworm Castings
Gardner & Bloome Organics Harvest Supreme

Harvest Supreme

Improves a variety of soils for vegetable gardens or flower beds.

  • Organic soil amendment from premium ingredients

  • Contains 15% chicken manure

  • Ideal for vegetable & flowers

  • Breaks up clay soils

  • Contains beneficial mycorrhizae

This organic soil amendment is blended with 15% composted chicken manure for more lush, full plant growth. Mix G&B ORGANICS HARVEST SUPREME with your native soil to grow vegetables and flowers to their maximum potential. With added beneficial mycorrhizae — G&B ORGANICS HARVEST SUPREME creates a wonderful soil environment for strong plant and root growth.

2 Cubic Foot Bags

Soil Conditioner

by Gardner & Bloome

This all-purpose mulch and soil amendment mixes with your native soil to help loosen clay and add nutrients, including mycorrhizae, for strong root development to help plants grow full and lush. Mix it with native soil and use it for a variety of flowers, shrubs and trees. Adding G&B ORGANICS SOIL BUILDING CONDITIONER to your soil helps aerate it, allowing it to retain water more efficiently. You can also use G&B ORGANICS SOIL BUILDING CONDITIONER as a mulch on top of the soil for additional water conservation, keeping the soil cool and moist.

3.0 Cubic Foot per bales

1.5 Cubic Foot Bags

Gardner & Bloome Organics Soil Building Conditioner

INGREDIENTS: Recycled forest products, arbor fines, composted chicken manure, gypsum, oyster shell & dolomite limes (as pH adjusters), vermicompost, bat guano, kelp meal

Lilly Miller Bone Meal

Bone Meal

Bone Meal is the easy, natural way to add phosphorus whenever your garden plants need it. It's the traditional plant food used when planting tulips, daffodils, freesia, crocus, anemones, gladiolus, and all other bulbs. Use Bone Meal anywhere plants need phosphorus for strong roots, abundant fruit, and colorful flowers.  Bone Meal is a high grade, 100% natural plant food that is particularly rich in phosphorus and calcium. Because it is not highly processed, Lilly Miller Bone Meal retains much of its original nitrogen, for added plant nutrition. Will not burn your plants.

4 pound boxes of Lilly Miller Bone Meal

50 pound bags of ProPell-It Bone Meal

Lilly Miller Bulb & Bloom Fertilizer

Bulb & Bloom Food

by Lilly Miller

Your bulbs need a special combination of plant foods to bloom their brightest and grow their best, and then come back year after year. Lilly Miller blends natural ingredients with traditional plant foods to produce a unique fertilizer that provides nitrogen from four different sources. We've added a mix of nutrients that are available to the plants quickly to help get them off to a great start. We've added others that last longer to keep on feeding bulbs steadily for over four weeks. Bulb & Bloom Food also adds extra minerals, so plants are never hungry for these essential elements. Contains Bone Meal.

Guaranteed Analysis: 4-10-10

4 pound boxes

Gardner & Bloome Organics Purely Compost


Great for trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables!

1.5 cubic foot


 Manure Composts

Gardner & Bloome Organics Chicken Manure Compost
Steer Manure
Gardner & Bloome Organics Farmyard Blend - Blended Manures
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