We are currently accepting delivery orders
for Desert Stone materials.

The availability of grass is 100% dependent upon how long irrigation water holds out.

Being that we are having a drought year,

irrigation is getting shut off earlier

 this year than it ever has before.

We can take sod orders, we can schedule sod orders,

this does not necessarily mean that you will get sod!

The availability of grass is 100% dependent upon

how long irrigation water holds out.

We will do our best to promptly notify anyone that is scheduled

for sod if they will not be able to get it.

As soon as we know you will know!

Stationary  Circular  sprinkler
Gilmore Two Hole Sprinkler
Huge water Particles
Saves Lawns
Best Dry spot Treatment
use in evenings 30 minutes per dry spot/area
$7.00 each

We have a wide variety of other products to meet all of your gardening needs !!!






Clover Seed

Alternative Lawn Mix 

Strawberry Clover

Prairie Clover

Crimson Clover 


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We have a wide variety of wildflowers that thrive in central oregon 

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Raised Bed Soil 

East Bend Greenhouse June 24th 2020 Vegetable and Flowers Mid Season 

Blazer Fire Logs

* Made In Oregon

* Great Value 

Box of 6 Logs - $6.50

Full Pallet of 393 Logs - $393.00

Burning Fire Logs.jpg

Home Prest Fire Logs 

*Premium Quality 

*Longest Burn Time

Box of 6 Logs - $7.75

Half Pallet of 190 Logs - $209

Full Pallet of 380 Logs - $418

* Higher BTU per Cubic Foot compared to Cord Wood

* Cleaner Burning - Low Moisture contents, Less Ash

* Longer Burning

* Made from Recycled Wood and Biomass Residue

* No Bugs, Funguses Or Molds

* No Bark or Dirt

* Less Mess Indoors

* No Waxes, Binders or Fillers

Premium Fire Logs.JPG
Rutland Safe Lite Fire Starter Squares.j

Don't Forget the Fire Starters!

$3.39 Per Box of 24

$78.00 Per Case of 24 Boxes

Serving Central Oregon since 1980

We appreciate your patronage!

Thank you for keeping local business strong.

We have had the pleasure of serving Central Oregon since 1980. We supply Landscapers and Homeowners with bulk landscape materials including Bark mulch, Compost, Rock, Soil, two varieties of Fire Logs and Fresh McPheeters’ Turf.

We also carry Hardscape products such as Cement Pavers, Retaining wall, Stepping Stones, Natural Stone Pavers, and all installation materials.

We offer a delivery service for all bulk and palletized products to Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver, Lapine, Madras and Surrounding areas.

 In addition to bulk products we offer a variety of packaged goods such as Herbicides, McPheeters’ Turf Fertilizer, Organic and Synthetic Plant Fertilizers, Hand Held and Push Spreaders, Bagged Soils and Amendments, Grass and Wildflower Seed, Ice Melt, large and small bales of Peat Moss, Landscape Fabric and Pins.

​Lastly, we run a lapidary business that Restores, Repairs and Supplies Lapidary equipment from our Bend office. For more information visit our lapidary website, Here.

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