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McPheeters Turf

All sod is done to order.

Anything 100 square feet or more must be scheduled ahead!

The only exception to this is listed below.

All orders are paid for at the time they

are reserved or scheduled.

We schedule pickup orders in 200 square foot increments daily.

We schedule deliveries Tuesdays - Saturdays.

All deliveries are in 200 square foot increments.

Thursdays & Saturdays we will reserve in odd increments.

Thursdays & Saturdays we will have a very small amount

available by the slab for first come first serve,

for people needing a few slabs.

Sometimes this goes quickly!

Please always call ahead to see if some is still available.

Instant Landscaping Co. is your home for bulk landscaping materials and supplies.

We Carry a wide variety of bark mulches, gravels, soils, composts & amendments,

as well as seasonally fresh cut McPheeters Turf.

Delivery Information

Please Read Our Policies

Secret Fishing Spot

Serving Central Oregon

Since 1980

We appreciate your patronage!

Thank you for keeping local business strong.

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