Natural Stone

Harvested in Oregon, this natural stone is perfect for pathways, patios and retaining walls.  It comes in a variety of thicknesses and is sold by the pound or by the pallet. 


Grey with brown and black speckles - swirled with rustic, iridescent and quartz features, this rock is at once subtle and outstanding.  Sometimes, fossilized moss is apparent.  Neat and unique rock to use in any landscape project.


It is recommended to place a crushed rock base and base sand under natural stone projects.


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Andesite Natural Stone Delivery

We offer Delivery for our Andesite Natural Stone,

 Year round!

Operators will delivery your Andesite with a flatbed truck, 

equipped with a fork lift for precise delivery!


This Versitile Natural Stone is great for patios, pathways, Retaining Walls, Water Features and Garden Bed projects.

Full Pallet Price varies on the product number.

Natural Stone Delivery is Available Year Round!!! 

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Natural Stone