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Compost & Amendments

*The pictures seen on this page are meant only to provide a general idea of  product consistency.
Please come into our office to view samples of the materials before purchasing. 
Garden Mix Compost
Garden Mix Compost

Machine Ground Peat Moss

Peat Moss

Blended on site, our Garden Mix  is our pride and joy.  Using humus, mint, old sawdust, compost and manure, our Garden Mix is a Master Gardener's dream.


Typically, Garden Mix is used to enrich any garden area.  For a base soil amendment, use no more than a 50:50 mix with the soil in the root zone.  Some gardeners use it straight as a dark rich ground cover.

Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

  • Moisture retention of 20 times dry weight.

  • Ph range 3.5- 4.5

  • Provides Ideal media for nutrient storage 

  • Prevents to rapid of drainage

  • Adds texture and body to Central Oregon soils

  • ******Limited Availability-- only in bales 

Knott Compost
Knott Compost

Dark, medium-fine compost blended from local yard debris.  It is often used as a ground cover as it absorbs heat and maintains soil moisture.

Nursery Grade Pumice

3/8  minus

3/8-1/8 Horticultural  

Locally harvested, pumice is a porous rock that is useful for potting soil mixtures and raised bed soils.  It is pH neutral, aids in the moisture retention of light, sandy soils while also allowing proper drainage.  It is lightweight and appropriate for rooftop garden mixtures.


As an alternative, we also carry prepackaged horticultural grade perlite for Master Gardner's who create their own potting soils for hanging baskets.

Bio Fine Compost
Bio Fine Compost

Ultra-fine Knott Compost product.  It's rich, dark color absorbs heat.  This material will also hold moisture.  Perfect for top dressing lawns and seeding projects, can also be used as a garden soil amendment.

Base Sand
Base Sand

Locally harvested, base sand is another key component for potting,  and raised bed soil mixtures.  Our base sand is coarse which allows proper drainage.  Finer sand will turn soil into a cement and drainage will be come a problem.



Potting Soil Additive
Potting Soil Additive

Blended in our yard, potting soil additive is typically used by large scale nurseries to cut higher grade potting soil.  It is not a soil, but it is a soil additive.

Customer Submitted

GARDEN MIX  -  Before

Customer Before Using Garden Mix Compost

GARDEN MIX  -  After

Customer After Using Garden Mix Compost
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