Bark Varieties

The following photos are intended to give you a general idea

of bark size, color and quality. 

Bark appears darker when wet and lighter when dry. 

Today's timber operations produce varying qualities of bark mulch.

Mulches vary from load to load. 

We encourage our customers to visit our sales office

and view the material prior to purchase. 

Douglas Fir Bark

Another popular bark product, Douglas Fir comes in a variety of textures and it has a pleasant smell.  Be aware, it is fairly itchy and will give you a few slivers!  

Fine Fir
Economy  Fir
Medium Fir
Bark Rock
Dark Fir
Dyed  Fir

Alder is a hardwood that persists in the landscape much longer than other barks and mulches.  We carry two different varieties:

Alder Chips
Alder Shavings

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